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Levitating Is Easy In the Audi Chairless Chair

Audi has made a chairless chair for its workers. It’s a sort of exoskeleton/outer-body shell that isn’t quite a suit that Tony Stark would don. Instead, it’s more of a balancing aid, a way to alleviate force exerted on the back, knees and ankles while workers assemble the next generation of Audi vehicles. The “chair” […]

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The Bleeding Edge Robots and Lasers That Made Your Audi

“All I need is free because I’m a factory.” -Ben Folds Five, Jackson Cannery MIT’s Technology Review has a new article up about the manufacturing processes that go into making Audi vehicles in Ingolstadt, Germany, and we are impressed. The article focuses on just how automated everything is from the sensing of what vehicle is […]

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