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Electric Turbochargers to Boost MPGs for Future Audis

In the world of cars, people have gotten used to describing vehicular power via how many cylinders it has: four, six, eight, etc. Audi is looking to change that by supplementing cylinder power with an electric turbocharger. This is like saying that instead of loading up on a big Thanksgiving meal, you’ll have a regular […]

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Fun Summer Event: NC Museum of History State Exhibit

The North Carolina Museum of History is hosting its largest exhibit ever, The Story of North Carolina. As the title suggests, this exhibit is all about North Carolina: how it started, who started it, what changes it has gone through, and what its distinguishing features are. The result is a massive series of artifacts, multimedia […]

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Audi Vows 10 New Models Coming in Next Six Years

We’ve written before about Audi’s plans to introduce nearly a dozen new models by 2020. While the introduction of the A3 this year moved Audi closer to its goal, 11 models in six years is a lot, so we wouldn’t have been surprised if the automaker had discreetly published a news release this week that […]

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New Audis to Use Cutting-Edge Glass Suspension Coils

Potholes can be killer. You do your best to avoid them, but sometimes sinking a front tire into a broken asphalt chasm in unavoidable and you wince in anticipation of the impact to your tire and suspension. Audi is looking to improve that suspension using a new material to replace the dated technology of the […]

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