Curved OLED Touchscreens Dominate Audi prologue Concept

Holy mackerel. Now we know why Tony Stark phoned in such a lame performance for Iron Man 3; he was busy working on the Audi prologue.

The prologue is actually the first concept from Audi’s new chief of design, Marc Lichte. We could very well see this, however, as a product from a fictional MIT math wiz because of how incredibly futuristic the interior technology is. We’re not sure how much Lichte had to do with these interior touchscreens but good gravy, we had two thoughts spring immediately to mind:

  • The Tesla Model S’s interior now looks about as sophisticated as a sewing machine
  • Why don’t cars already look like this?

Despite how gut-wrenchingly futuristic and advanced the front compartment is, it’s also entirely logical and familiar in a way. This mirrors the exterior of Audi’s current designs, how all lines resolve neatly into one another, and in some cases completely encircle the car.

But this looks like Tony Stark’s car—and Audi’s—because of the prevalence and ultra-high quality of its omnipresent touchscreens. Utilizing “a new type of OLED display made of organic LEDs,” the virtual cockpit that replaces the instrument panel is now a touchscreen, the center console is now entirely a touchscreen, a wide band that runs from the driver to the passenger is a touchscreen, and there’s even a transparent OLED display that raises itself in front of the gear selector—in a nod to the current retractable screen in the A3—that is a touchscreen. The passenger can set the navigation, swipe it to the left, and it will pop up on the driver’s virtual cockpit.

In sum, this is the most futuristic and natural interior to a car we have ever seen.

Because this is chief designer Lichte’s baby, he has released an entire brief describing how every possible line and surface on the exterior is grounded in some philosophy, homage, mathematical principle, molecular law and even nautical design. It sounds like it would be exhausting but it’s actually quite fascinating to read.

A few short notes:

  • The headlamps use laser-light technology
  • The taillamps use a new 3D light technology
  • The wheel wells reference the shouldered design of the Ur-quattro
  • The rear sides are literally meant to look like a yacht
  • 605 horsepower, 553 lb-ft torque, quattro all-wheel drive
  • The rear wheels turn five degrees

Because this is a big moment for him, and the company, the name is meant to evoke both the novelty of a new direction and many more models in the works. We think prologue is an excellent balance between the two, while also indicating that this model isn’t ready to roll into production immediately.

Check out the video, photos and press release for full details. Look for more news to come out of the LA Auto Show.

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