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We Imagined If March Madness Teams Were Movies

March Madness, the frenzied tournament to find the best in college basketball, has begun. If you’re into college basketball there’s a good chance that you filled out one or more brackets with friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers. But if you’re not into college basketball, you might feel a little left out from all the […]

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Chairless Chair fuer verbesserte Ergonomie in der Audi-Produktion

Levitating Is Easy In the Audi Chairless Chair

Audi has made a chairless chair for its workers. It’s a sort of exoskeleton/outer-body shell that isn’t quite a suit that Tony Stark would don. Instead, it’s more of a balancing aid, a way to alleviate force exerted on the back, knees and ankles while workers assemble the next generation of Audi vehicles. The “chair” […]

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Tesla-Smashing Luxury Electric Audi SUV Coming

It must be hard to be Ulrich. If you read news stories about Audi, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg is practically the face of Audi. As our head of engineering, he’s who we trot out to talk about laser head lights. He’s the one who has to break down self-driving car technology. He has to oversee the […]

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Photos: Audi prologue Avant Puts Muscle Into Design

While Americans have largely rejected the notion that station wagons are cool, the shooting brake is alive and well in Europe. To wit, Audi knows that what you really want to see is a wagon version of the prologue concept released last year, so here it is, fresh off the Interwebs from the Geneva Auto […]

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