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Thursday Audi News Roundup

The 2015 Audi TT and Audi S1 hatchback will be at the Geneva Motor Show. Additionally, an Audi S3 review has just finished taking pixelized form (published) over at CNET. When you have news to share it’s hard to keep from blurting it out all at once, so we feel better now that we’ve said […]

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Audi Goes High Art, Fills Balloons for the R8 in China

To encourage environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, Audi has done something special. French Artist Sebastien Leon created a perception-bending visual project at Audi’s behest on the waterfront of Guangzhou, China. The “polyphonic installation” is an enormous spherical room filled with more than a thousand silver foil balloons, speakers playing a mixture of 30 different bird and […]

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Audi To Offer 4G LTE Thanks to AT&T

Audi is adding 4G LTE to its new vehicles, starting with the 2015 A3, which will be available in just a few months. 4G LTE is the super-fast technology present in some smartphones and tablets to make data streaming as close to instantaneous as possible. To do this, Audi is teaming with AT&T who will […]

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