How to Avoid the Most Common Audi Oil Leaks

You know that feeling. You’re walking through your garage and notice a small grouping of dark circles in the spot your car typically sits on. Or maybe while you’re driving you imagine for a moment that you smell something burning. Or worse yet: the little oil can on your instrument panel starts flashing, possibly in […]

Audi says “Compact SUV,” we say “Lunar Rover”

Audi has made it known that it wants to offer 60 models by 2020, but the question of how it plans to get there from its current 49 has been kept behind the curtain. The German automaker inched one step closer to its goal this week by unveiling one of its planned vehicles, the Q1. […]

December 5 Career Night

If you or someone you know is an experienced automotive technician, you (or they) should come to Leith’s career night this Thursday in Raleigh—full details below. Leith is looking to hire technicians who have the skills and experience to be successful in their field, and who want to grow their careers at the same time. […]

Welcome to the New Blog!

The goal of this blog is this: to bring you fascinating and important stories about Audi that add value to your life. They could be how-to posts, community events, videos, Audi news, ask an expert posts, Q&As, reviews, customer experiences, tutorials, DIY projects, awesome things we come across in our online travels, or a whole […]