Audi To Offer 4G LTE Thanks to AT&T

Audi is adding 4G LTE to its new vehicles, starting with the 2015 A3, which will be available in just a few months. 4G LTE is the super-fast technology present in some smartphones and tablets to make data streaming as close to instantaneous as possible.

To do this, Audi is teaming with AT&T who will now let you add Audis to your Mobile Share data plans, right alongside smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Popular uses of data in a car include listening to Internet radio, listening to podcasts, getting directions, and checking news, weather, and social media networks for updates.

The great thing about 4G LTE is that it not only makes data stream faster than 3G, it can also handle more users at one time. This means that your Audi will be speeding along, in data and horsepower, for years to come.

Audi’s 4G technology also means that your vehicle can also function as a mobile spot, which means up to eight devices can connect via wireless internet. Passengers can thus bring along their mobile devices and stream high-definition video, or check hotel reservations, or download a new e-book, all without using their individual data plans. This is a more efficient use of data, both in terms of data bandwidth and overall cost.

No other car in the world offers built-in 4G LTE support, which would make Audi the first automaker to do so.

Audi indicated that eventually all of its vehicles will offer 4G LTE support, but you’re especially lucky if you’re planning on purchasing the 2015 A3. Stop by Audi Raleigh to learn more about this exclusive feature.

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