Audi Readying New Crossover Q1 SUV for 2016 Debut

One year ago, one of the very first things we wrote about on this blog was Audi’s plan for a Q1 crossover SUV. With Audi’s official artwork above, we all got excited for monster truck, moon rover mash-up. With 12 additional months of tidbits, we have an update on the progress of the Audi Q1.

First of all, this is a small vehicle. Once you get those giant wheels out of your focus, you can see that the Q1 will have roughly the same footprint as the A3 sportback. CAR Magazine reports that the Q1 will have the R8’s C-pillar covering sideblades as an option, as well as larger wheels—we’re thinking 19”—and extra layers of underbody paneling if you choose an off-road version.

Because we have a new chief designer—Marc Lichte—you can expect to see continuity between the 2016 TT and prologue concept with the new Q1. By that we mean the flattened, angular front section and rear lip trunk lid that are Lichte’s trademarks thus far. 2016 is a good date to mention because that is supposed to be the arrival date of the Audi Q1.

Overall you can expect something similar in size to the Mercedes-Benz GLA, in case you’re doing any early comparison shopping. The 2016 Q1 is expected to be produced in Ingolstadt, Germany at about 70,000 units per year. Because of its similarity to the A3, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Q1 receive the retracting display screen of the A3, and virtual cockpit of the TT.

You can also expect at least 3G data available, if not 4G LTE and the Facebook/Twitter integration that the A3 sedan offers. The 2016 Q1 will use Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform which is showing excellent handling results in the new Volkswagen GTI.

Visit us to check out the Q5 in Raleigh while we wait for the Q1.

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