Audi Bringing PHEV Diesel-Electric Engine to Q7 Soon

In Audi’s campaign to show that it has more news offerings in its basket than the North Pole has candy canes, master of revelry and this year’s holiday party organizer Ulrich Hackenberg said that Audi will reveal a company-first diesel plug-in hybrid electric Q7 in January at the Detroit Auto Show. [Note: Hackenberg is also Audi’s head of research and development for all vehicles.]

A plug-in diesel is regarded as the gold standard for vehicles that want to be efficient but also have plenty of muscle. Audi had said that it would introduce this technology soon, but no one knew which model would first receive the coveted new drivetrain. The Q7 is one lucky SUV.

Why the Q7? Why not, Virginia? Don’t be so inquisitive. Full-size SUVs are popular, need lots of power, and have a crowning deficit of fuel efficiency. A diesel PHEV Q7 from Audi is likely their warning shot to other automakers who are considering something similar (we decline to name names because this is our blog and we don’t give out publicity without even a ginger snap of compensation).

However, we will say that this particular drivetrain offers many benefits than other options. An electric-only SUV, for example, would be severely limited in its range by the aggressive weight and power requirements of a large SUV. A gasoline PHEV would come a little closer, but would sacrifice way too much efficiency for power.

Diesel PHEVs, on the other hand, ensure that both power sources offer maximum efficiency. Plus, diesel excels at delivering torque, which is the accelerating grunt you need to move something that weighs upward of two tons. The only obstacle in the past to this drivetrain was cost. Audi’s announcement indicates that obstacle will soon be removed.

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