Archive | March, 2014

Audi Syncs With Traffic Lights to Save Fuel

Oh, modern world, how you change us. Audi has developed a new technology that tells you how fast you need to go to make the next green light, which theoretically makes it possible to coast from green light to green light and never get stuck with a red light again. Of course, that would be […]

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Daylight Savings Time: How to Adjust

“Gee Willikers, Martha! Why do we have to change the clocks?” “Because it’s Daylight Savings Time, Herb. We spring forward and fall backward because it saves energy, or because it promotes shopping, or because it gave farmers more time to work, or because Ben Franklin invented it. I don’t know, Herb! Stop asking questions!” “Ham […]

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Leaked Photos of 2015 TT Confirm Design

A leak, in its fullest sense, is a tiny trickle that, more often than not, does not stop. So it is with the 2015 Audi TT, a vehicle that has been submitted to so much analysis, wondering and fawning since the Shooting Brake Concept in January that when it officially revealed in Geneva this week, […]

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