Details Emerge On Small Audi SUVs TTQ and Q1


Photo: Motor Authority

It must be hard to be an automaker with an alphanumeric naming convention. There are only 26 letters and 10 numerals. So when Audi went to name their new small SUV the Q2, and Fiat Chrysler said, “Hold up there; we own that sweet, sweet moniker,” the frustration must have been real.

Audi decided to call it the Q1 instead, and is now probably wondering on the inside why FCA didn’t snag that name, too. Was it not good enough for them?

In any case, the big news this week is that the rumored off-road version of the TT roadster has apparently been blessed by the Audi cardinals and green-lit for production, according to Automotive News magazine. Since FCA also owns the rights to Q4, Audi had to put on its thinking cap about what to call it.

A genius was born to solve exactly this problem, however. Somewhere in the Audi organization, a junior staffer in a polyester shirt and a clip-on tie said, “Wait. If this is like an SUV version of the TT and all of our SUVs start with Q, why not call it the TTQ?”

After the seven-day celebration had ended and everyone staggered back into the office, the name was approved, so that’s what’s on the way to the States, actual release date to be determined.

All this hoopla over names, however, is glossing over the cars themselves. Automotive News thinks that the Q1 won’t make it to the U.S. because Americans are super into big cars. While we are witnessing an industry downsizing of SUVs, we have to admit that an SUV smaller than the A3 sedan is hard to imagine.

Then again, with fuel economy requirements going the way they are, a Q1 actually might make sense five years from now. Definitely 10 years from now. If we had the cash to register trademarks, we’d be snapping up Q√1 and Q-1 like there was no tomorrow.

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