A3 Review From Gas2 Argues Audi Gets Millenials, Hipsters

When Audi released the A3, much was made about how this is the car for “the millenials” and “the hipsters.” In Gas2’s newly released review of the A3, they keep Audi’s goal firmly in mind. It’s an almost 1,400 word review. It’s set in Eastern Connecticut with an admirable mix of real-life experiences and the commentary about the car that you would expect.

Gas2’s website itself is decently modern, which means that insofar as such a concept is possible, Gas2 “gets” millenials. Their review of the A3 points out two key ways that the car was specifically designed for this generational/culture group/idea.

First, the car does not feel like you’re riding a yak through a swamp. Although nearly every demographic wants to avoid this feeling, there are some groups who just don’t care, but Audi knows that millennial-hipsters do. Saving the environment is important to this demographic, sure, as is saving money at the pump. The unspoken flipside to this is that millennial-hipsters don’t want to drive a Yugo, Geo Prism, or some other tin can that gets 1,000 miles to the gallon and has the motor of a moped. If they want their Internet and mobile data fast, they probably want their car fast, too.

Second, they want the best no matter how much money they have. Top level coffee where the beans come from Papua New Guinea, are ground in a 15th century mechanism, and roasted over cedar chips infused with raspberry and coconut milk is going to be more expensive than Dunkin’ Donuts. However, even a $9 cup of coffee isn’t out of the price range of the millennial-hipster. It simply means that they have a unique way of budgeting that makes them able and desirous of a $9 cup of coffee. So too for an excellently-made sedan like an Audi.

The concept of designing and engineering a car for a group of people isn’t new; doing so for a group as nebulous and intentionally diverse/potentially non-existent as millennial-hipsters is a bold move, and is, in a way, new. Gas2 does an excellent job defining the car and showing to what extent the A3 is a success. We recommend their review.

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