Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors Releases New Model X, Model 3 Coming Soon

Slowly but surely, Tesla motoring has made its way onto the roads and into our minds. Tesla’s first car, the Model S, has performed well against other electric cars in American markets, even despite their manufacturing hang-ups. 2014 saw the Model S surpassing the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf in total cars sold. Pretty […]

turbocharger vs supercharger

To Turbocharge or Supercharge? That is the Question

Whether you’re supercharging or turbocharging, the outcome is going to be a quicker 0-60. More speed is something we can all get behind – namely, your competition. But for anyone out there new to engine upgrading, deciding between a turbocharger and a supercharger can be difficult. As it stands, there is no superior option; superchargers […]

Great Car Apps

The 3 Best Free Smartphone Apps for Drivers

Smartphones and cars generally should not mix. All the apps we’re about to suggest are great – but only in the right time and place. Please. No really, please, be careful while using these apps. Do not let the importance of your smartphone outweigh that of your life. Smartphones are great utilities, and in the […]

How to jump start

How To: Jump Start Your Vehicle

It’s another bright and early morning and you wake up feeling ready to tackle the world. You fly through your morning routine and climb into your car 15 minutes ahead of schedule, which means you’ll have time for a donut – yes! You turn the key, and – nothing. You turn it again in disbelief […]